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Company Overview

Welcome to NGeneBio

The need for Precision Medicine to extend patient’s benefit by providing optimal medical care for each individual patient and to reduce unnecessary medical cost is growing rapidly globally and now the Precision Medicine is being actively promoted by government.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platform and Bioinformatics are the core technologies of precision medical care. NGeneBio has many years of business experience and technical competence in related fields. Based on this, NGeneBio would like to contribute to opening of the era of precision medical care, through diagnostic product and service which proved its safety and efficacy in in vitro cancer diagnosis and associated diagnostic area, bioinformatics system business area, disease diagnostic area, liquid biopsy area etc.


We have been working on research and development with the cooperation of the anticancer diagnosis project team, domestic and foreign hospitals and biotech companies. We have been striving to secure the technology and develop business model of mid- to long-term perspectives through external patent license-in in addition to the company’s own patent discovery.

We are doing our utmost to achieve our goal of global healthcare service provider based on four core values ​​of challenging execution, respect for life, human resource development and customer trust, and we look forward to your continued support and interest.