Genetic testing for BRCA 1/2 mutations

For breast and ovarian cancer patients

For HBOC(hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome) patients

For patients with family history or the age of breast cancer potentially

BRCAaccuTest™ & BRCAaccuTest™PLUS is a regent for producing libraries for
analyzing the BRCA ½ genes using the NGS (next-generation sequencing) method,
which analyzes genomic DNA derived from blood or FFPE tissues.

Working Process



BRCAaccuTest™PLUS (Approved CE-IVD)
Technique NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)
Compatible platforms Illumina / Miseq, MiseqDx
Target enrichment PCR-based target amplification
Analysis solution NGeneAnalySys™
Variant Type Blood, FFPE, Fresh frozen(FF)
Samples / Run (range) 3 ~ 24 for Blood, FF (germline)
8~16 for CNV analysis
3 ~ 6 for FFPE (somatic)
Target Region 19.8 kb (all protein coding region + canonical splicing region)
Amplicons (Primer Pairs) 146 (2 pools)
Mean amplicon size 207 bp
Hans on time 5 hrs


Germline Samples Somatic Samples
Target coverage Mean coverage 200X
Minimum coverage 20X
(MiSeq Reagent Nano kit v2, 300 cycles / 24 tests)
Mean coverage 1000X
Minimum coverage 200X
(MiSeq Reagent Nano kit v2, 300 cycles / 6 tests)
Uniformity 100% detected > 0.2x mean coverage 100% detected > 0.2x mean coverage
Accuracy > 99.99% > 99.99%
Target specificity > 95% on target read counts > 95% on target read counts


Cat no. Products Quantity Storage

BRCAaccuTest™PLUS (Approved CE-IVD)

  • BRCAaccuTest™PLUS (Approved CE-IVD)
  • BRCA Primer Mix 1
  • BRCA Primer Mix 2
  • Hot Start PCR Polymerase
  • 2X PCR buffer
  • End Repair Enzyme Mix
  • End Repair Reaction Buffer
  • Ligation Master Mix
  • Ligation Enhancer
  • Adapter (for Illumina)
  • Uracil-DNA glycosylase (UDG)
  • PCR II Master Mix
  • Barcoded Primer (Index B01-B24)
  • Universal Primer
  • Control DNA
24rxn -20 ℃ (box package)
NGB312UWW NGeneAnalySys™ 1.4 (Software for both germline and somatic analysis)