Human Leucocyte Antigen typing Kit

Tissue transplantation

Autoimmune disorders

Drug Hypersensitivity

Chronic inflammation, etc.

Working Process


HLAaccuTest™ (CE-IVD)
Specimen gDNA from blood or bone marrow aspirate
Input DNA conc. 50 ~ 100ng/locus
DNA library prep method Amplicon (Long-range PCR)
Duration time of DNA library prep ~ 7.5hr
Target HLA locus Class I: A, B, B
Cass II: DRB1/3/4/5, DQB1, DPB1. DQA1. and DPA1
Target region Entire Exon or specific Exon
Coverage ≥ 500X
Coverage (ROI) ≥ 100X
Sequencing Platform Miseq / MiseqDx
Sequencing Reagent Miseq Reagent nano Kit, v2 (up to 6 samples)
Miseq Reagent micro Kit, v2 (up to 24 samples)
Cortication CE-IVD Planned in 1Q/2020
Analysis software EAsyHLAanalyzer™


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HLAaccuTest™ DNA (Approved CE-IVD)

  • HLAaccuTestTM DNA library Preparation Kit
  • HLAaccuTestTM DNA Primer Kit
  • HLAaccuTestTM DNA Index Kit
24 tests -20 ℃



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