NGeneBio held the first domestic press conference for the medical journalists and ended in great success at the Plaza Hotel Seoul on Dec. 8.

The conference title was ‘The latest knowledge of NGS – A life changer that offers optimal customized medicine.’

Professor Myung-shin Kim, the department of laboratory medicine at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, accepted the invitation and gave a lecture on the latest knowledge of NGS and its importance. Also, Kwang-Jung Kim, CTO of NGeneBio, speech that the company vowed to position itself as a leading company in the NGS field, expanding its scope to companion diagnostics and liquid biopsy.

For the full Korean press release, head over to the below link.


엔젠바이오, NGS 정밀진단의 최신 지견 소개하는 기자간담회 진행

December 9, 2021 @South Korea