NGeneAnalySys™ is a software for analysis of the genetic testing data produced by next generation sequencing (NGS) and helps to report in clinical-grade for oncology test. It provides accurate pathogenic variants information based on ACMG guideline and relevant therapy information based on datavased(solid tumor / hematologic malignancies), which enables efficient on-site data analysis for clinical NGS. NGeneBio offers NGeneAnalySys™ SW with validated NGS panels for integrated clinical NGS solution oncology solution.

NGS Data Analysis software process

Key point

Advanced analytical platform

Show detected variants list with detailed information and visual charts

Compliance with ACMG guideline for NGS clinical use

Use lots of databases and In Silico prediction for accurate interpretation (Reference sequence DB/ Population DB/ Cancer specific DB/ Constitutional variant DB/ Internal DB)

Analysis and clinical report

Clinical-grade precise data analysis based on certified data bases

Provides QC report on sample data

Create clinical-grade report of variants analysis


Analysis Softwares Cat.No Product

NGeneAnalySys™ 1.1



NGeneAnalySys™ 1.4



BRCAaccuTest™ PLUS

HEMEaccuTest™ DNA

HEMEaccuTest™ RNA

SOLIDaccuTest™ DNA

SOLIDaccuTest™ RNA